Texoma Pest Control is now offering organic solutions to protect your home and family without the use of harmful chemicals. Chemical sprays may be effective but they often have harmful effects on the surrounding environment including animals, soil, and water when it becomes runoff. Organic pest control products are typically much safer and more beneficial for the environment overall. We use a product that consists of  essential oils that is a much safer option for your family and Mother Earth. Texoma Pest Control offers monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly sprays to keep your home and family safe from a wide variety of insects, termites and other wood destroying insects. Our technicians are licensed by the TX Department of Agriculture. At Texoma Pest Control our main priority is to best serve you, our customer while remaining earth friendly. Call us for any of your pest control needs. (903) 818-5402

Flying Insects
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General Pest Control Services: 

Let Texoma Pest Control provide you with a pest control solution that is tried and true. Our "Triple Barrier Protection" method is designed to be the most effective and friendliest treatment protocol for your home or business. Texoma Pest Control technicians are trained to help you pinpoint areas that may need minor repairs to help prevent insect entry or harborage. Overall we strive to provide a safe and pest free environment!


This is where the majority of the service is performed. It starts with a 5 foot wide barrier of a organic granule that is broadcasted around the structure. The granules settle at soil level and are activated by a light watering. This is your first line of defense. The second line of defense on the exterior consists of a spray application that is applied to the foundation up to 3 feet high, around window/door frames as well as various other cracks and crevices on the exterior of the structure. We also spray accessible overhangs on the eaves and check for any wasp nests. 



The third phase in our "Triple Barrier Protection" method takes place indoors and sets in place your final line of defense. It consists of an application to the baseboard perimeter of the home, pipe fittings under sinks, window tracks, and under appliances. Various other areas in your home may be treated depending on conducive conditions found and your individual needs. Bait and insect traps are also utilized on the interior in sensitive areas of the home or for specific infestations.

Our Quarterly service is backed by a 90 day guarantee. Our monthly service is guaranteed as well. 

Also call for information for treatment of termites, rodents, and other pests.


Now offering: Termite monitoring, Termite inspections and customized Termite  treatments to best protect your largest asset, your home. 

Subterranean Termites:

The most common termite in north central TX is the eastern subterranean termite. These termites are the most damaging wood destroying insects in the United States. The Eastern subterranean termite is a serious pest causing millions of dollars of damage throughout the areas where it is located. It is estimated that more than 1 in 5 homes, have been or will be attacked at sometime by these voracious little insects.They feed on a cellulose material such as the structural wood in buildings. Termites typically "swarm" in the spring. The picture shown above shows the difference between a termite swarmer and a flying ant. Swarming most often occurs during the spring following a warm rain shower. If you see any swarmers or other termites (shown below) in your home then just give us a call and we will send a licensed termite professional to inspect your home.  


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